Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Old Windowpanes

So, my favorite project this summer was definitely sprucing up some old windowpanes! Similar to mason jars, I love everything and anything with old windows. I ran across some very cheap windowpanes at an old factory warehouse. Ben graciously went to pick them up for me and he informed me the warehouse was like a DIY Heaven! Old windows, doors, shelves, tubs, and anything else you could ever want were for sale for cheap! I will definitely be making a visit there the next chance I have for a project! So, here are the panes in the warehouse!

Ben brought me home 3 windows. 2 were 6 paned and 1 was 12 pained. I was not anticipating how heavy they were and was concerned what I would actually do with them once I got them! However, I knew my color scheme for my apartment so I just decided to go ahead and clean and paint them all! 

I ended up duck taping a chevron patterned fabric to the back of them with pictures taped on! I was about to glue them when I rememebered that I would probably want to change the pictures out. So glad I didn't!

This is how all 3 turned out! I was pretty happy!

Here are the smaller 2 on my walls and part of my new home! Thanks to my dads several trips around town to find stuff to hold these heavy windows!

And finally, here is my big ole windowpane that I just propped on a desk I painted years ago (you're welcome dad)! I use it as a white board to write lists/memos/Bible verse/etc.

                                                  This project was...
 1. cheap
2. easy
                                     3. flexible (no directions, woo!)
 4. quick

 I would say it was a success! :)

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  1. Love love love those! They are absolutely adorable and I love what you did with them!! Your room is cute too!