Sunday, August 18, 2013

mason jar DIY

I am in love with everything mason jar! My pinterest is full of DIY projects for mason jars and I have had two smaller jars just laying around the house waiting for me to decide what to do with them. Well, I finally decided! I have seen some of the cutest soap canisters out of mason jars like the ones below and decided that is what I would tackle!

Even though I should have learned my lesson from not following directions for my 4th of July cake, I decided I didn't need any help! It looked easy enough... (sounds familiar right?)

So here we go!

I began with my two jars. 

I found two old soap bottles, took the dispensers out and cleaned them the best I could.

I read many ways to best cut this hole into the top of the lids, but I have no power tools and neither does our dad! (not surprising) I found two essentials; hammer and a nail. Nonetheless, I created a big enough hole to put the dispensers through!

This is how the holes ending up looking! Hmm... probably could have looked better if I had followed some instructions, but that is not my style! Essentially, the job was done!

Add some chevron and burlap and you can cover any mistakes! :) 
I just cut a square and then punched a hole in the fabric and, wah-la, punch the dispensers through!
You now have two soap dispensers!

I designated one jar for soap and one for some lotion. 
Here is my jar once the lotion was poured in!


massage winner announced tomorrow :)

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  1. LOVE this!! I thought about going and buying one at Bath & Body works but now that I know it's so simple, I think I will just make it!