Monday, August 12, 2013

Pinterest Fail

When I came home for the summer to nanny, I made a list of all the different DIY projects and recipes I would like to try! One of the items on my list was called the "American Flag" cake. When I was invited to visit my boyfriend, Ben's, family for the 4th of July holiday, I knew I had to take something that was really impressive! Well, this is the picture I came across on my pinterest account and thought it looked easy enough. Right? WRONG!

To find the directions of what you are supposed to do click here

Here was my plan, which I thought would be so much easier...
              *Create 3 levels instead of 5 (bottom: red, middle: white, top: blue outside & red inside) 

So I began.. 
Now, mistake one, the recipe calls for 3 different kinds of cake mixtures. However, I began with 2 white cake mixes from the store. I opened 1 cake mix and split the batter into 2 different mixes. I left the first half of the batter white and put red food coloring in the second half of the batter. I then cooked these 2 cakes and was ready to tackle the third layer.

For the third level, I began by mixing the second batch of cake mix into 2 bowls. I mixed in red food coloring into 1 and blue into the other. I baked both cakes and when those were finished, I had 4 cakes all the same size. 

I then took a circular cut out from a cereal box and placed it on top of the red cake. I took a knife and cut around the circle to create my inside, smaller layer. Next, I did the same for the blue but kept the outside of the circle! 

Here comes the hard part.. stacking the layers. The first red and second white layers went just fine! Then came the third layer of trouble! I plopped my smaller red layer on perfectly centered. Then, I thought the blue would fit so easily around it. Hmmm.. 

At this point, I was at 2.5 hours into this cake, 3 trips to the grocery store, and completely out of the 2 bottles of icing I used as my glue to hold the crumbled mess together!! Although, it did NOT look like the picture OR AN AMERICAN FLAG.. I added the 3rd cup of icing and indeed, it was a cake! 

Success!!! I even let Ben add the finishing touches for sticking with me for 3 hours of baking! Can't you see the beautiful fireworks?

BUT WAIT.... Gin Momma decides to transfer the cake onto a new platter! How helpful! I walk into the kitchen and half of my cake was on the platter and half was in mid air plopping on the counter... no more cake. 

Things to know when making an American Flag cake:
1. Follow all directions :)
2. Cool all layers before stacking
3. Flatten all the surfaces of the layers so they are completely even on top
4. Use different sized pans for the top layer
5. Buy more icing then you think you will need

Good luck! 

I would love to hear of some American Flag cake success stories! CCI

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