Saturday, October 12, 2013

An Indian Affair

What a beautiful Saturday morning here in Seaside, Florida! It is a great wedding day for our close friend, Courteney Davis!

The wedding festivities began on Thursday night with a Beach Party. Unfortunately, Elizabeth and I were driving, driving, driving from Birmingham and were not able to make this. We were able to begin our festivities with the bridesmaid luncheon Friday afternoon! However, we almost missed this party due to the boys leaving to go play golf with ALL of the keys to the cars! Elizabeth quickly found a solution and had the "beach express" waiting for us as we walked outside!

We made it! Let me just say, WOW! What a location. This was hosted at a beach house right in the midst of Seaside, and right on the water! The home was not only a 3 story breath-taking home, but it screamed "pinterest." Needless to say, I was obsessed. Here are just two of the pictures taken outside of the home. 

One of the most fun parts of this beautiful afternoon was the game that was played at the luncheon. Each bridesmaid and, of course, the bride pulled a string that was baked into a cake. Attached to the string was a charm. As each girl pulled her charm, there was a fortune that corresponded; like the next to get engaged, or the first to have a baby (which the bride pulled). It was such a cute and funny game to get to know the bridal party as they stood up and shared their charm and how they knew Courtney!

Later that afternoon, we dressed in our Indian Saris and headed to meet the shuttle to take us to Destin for the Sangeet! When we arrived, we were given bangles as a favor and headed to the patio to check out the venue! What a fun venue right on a golf course! Within the first 20 minutes, a golf ball came crashing onto the house and landed right in the pool! Thankfully, that was the first and last golf ball for the night!

 Needless to say, the Sangeet was full of curry and Indian food! There was also a henna artist there to give out hand tattoos! Such a cool tradition! It took maybe 5 minutes and each person was getting such beautiful, detailed designs. I was amazed! It has now sank into my hand and will stay for a couple of days! 

 Later came speeches, a slideshow of the couple, and, of course, dancing! The bride and her bridesmaids performed and then the floor was open to Indian songs like gangnam style! Overall, it was such a special day to be able to celebrate such a good family friend! We look forward to the wedding in the downtown chapel and dinner and dancing in the beautiful town of Seaside!


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